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Bristol Babcock

Bristol Teleflow and RTU Products

The Bristol Babcock Teleflow™ system is a complete electronic flow measurement device capable of complete well control for natural gas applications. Bristol Babcock has combined the flow computer with an integrated transducer that combines line pressure with differential pressure. When equipped with a radio or other communication medium, WellAutomation.com is able to totally integrate control of your natural gas well with full API/AGA custody transfer electronic flow measurement.

The unit incorporates an extremely versatile microcomputer electronics module and software program system. Configurable via any PC-compatible computer, the module provides continuous monitoring and control of the well-production process. Its onboard software program includes a well optimization based on the Turner algorithm.

Crystalline Technoloy, Inc. has created a web base software application to allow you to communicate with an Bristol controller in a seamless integration into our WellAutomation gas measurement browser based software. Because we have implemented the BSAP Protocol, you can communicate with and configure your Bristol devices with an anywhere at anytime attitude, as long as you have a computer with a IE 5.0 or higher or Netscape 6.1 browser on the Internet. NOTE: Flash 5 plug-in is required.