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SCADA - Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Control of your natural gas well doesn't have to be complicated but it must be effective! We pioneered WEB based automation solutions and know what it takes to deploy reliable, efficient, secure and easy to use systems. Our customers benefit from the unlimited users with no per user cost associated with access. The only requirement that we place on the customer is that they have a compatible Internet Browser and network access to our systems. For total flexibility we can make the data available on the Internet.

Our servers are based on the latest technology available from Microsoft and we employ the tightest standards for maintaining security and privacy for all of our customers information. Our database is based on Microsoft msSQL(tm) for additional security and flexibility. We have backup power for our facility to protect against power outages. Our backup plan provides offsite backup and security.

We can provide total turn-key solutions. No longer does the customer need to maintain a staff of communication engineers, automation specialists, or computer programmers. We can take care of the automation and free you to to take care of the production.

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