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We provide technical assistance and support for all the devices that we provide. We have developed application notes and where available links to manufactorers information to provide a one stop support center to address your requirements. We invite you to call our technical support personnel for a more personal response.

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We require that you use IE 5.0 or higher Browser or if you use Netscape we require you to use 6.1 or higher. We require you to have the Flash MX plug-in installed so that your browser can retrieve the data that you requested. Most of the computers you buy today are 800x600 (laptops) and 1024x768 (desktop) enabled resolution or higher, our web site and web controls were built using the standard in todays computers, we use at least 16-bit resolution and at least 800x600 screen size.

 UPDATED: April 2006
Our data applications are currently using Macromedia Flash MX, this is the latest version of Macromedia Flash (tm). We will be working with our clients to ensure a solution thats easy and flexable for installing the new Flash Player.

    A) For IE Browsers
  • Download "Flash MX Player" for Internet Explorer:Installer

 Extra installer methods and information

Our customers can email the web department for any information or issues when installing the Flash Player.