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Wired, Wireless, and Satellite Information

Do you have an application that requires remote monitoring or even remote control? When you consider all the different telemetry methods that one may call upon, things can get very complicated. To determine what is right for your application you should consider wire-line carriers, cellular, MAS, spread spectrum, microwave, conventional data, trunking, and so on. At Crystalline Technology we can help you evaluate the technologies and decide what is right for your application. We also specialize in combining technologies as needed.

The principal of Crystalline Technology managed a project at El Paso Field Services where he was responsible for automation of over 7,000 gas wells in four states. This was one of the first large-scale automation projects done in the gas industry. It also defined many standards for what we see in practice today. For details click here.

We provide low cost, efficient systems that can service both Intranet and Internet users. We support multiple protocols with varying vendors on a common communications network.

We have many innovative methods of transporting data back from the towers to the SCADA center including satellite, microwave, spread spectrum, wire-line, repeaters, trunking radios, and VPN's. It doesn't matter if you are 100 miles from the nearest facility in west Texas or next to a major city, implementing the most reliable and least costly communications will make the difference between a project that works well and one that is an economic failure.