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AI-700 Series RTU

The AMI Amocam also known as the Bristol Babcock 700 series RTU is a discontinued device that still remains a competive RTU for many natural gas well applicatons. There still remain a large number of these RTU's in service and many can be found on the surplus market. Specifically the AI-700 series RTU support full well automation and have 16 digital inputs, 8 relay outputs, 8 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, and 2 high speed counter inputs.

Crystalline Technology, Inc. has created a web base software application specifically to allow complete data acquistion and control of the AI-700 series RTU using the AI-Net protocol in a seamless integration into our WellAutomation gas measurement browser based software. This is yet another example of the flexibility and capabilities of Crystalline Technology, Inc. Call us so that we can do the same for you.

We no longer re-build boards