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The WATT Project

The principal of Crystalline Technology managed a project at El Paso Field Services where he was responsible for automation of over 7,000 gas wells in four states. This was one of the first large-scale automation projects done in the gas industry. It also defined many standards for what we see in practice today. The project had very tight economics that forced the development of a very low cost infrastructure that was reliable and could be maintained with existing manpower.

The country covered by El Paso is quite diverse and ranges from the plains of the Texas Panhandle to the spectacular mountains of south west Colorado, to the rugged canyons of northwest New Mexico. The diverse country that was involved required careful design to determine the optimum solution. Extensive computer modeling along with site visits were performed to determine the best locations for the towers that would become the critical links. We licensed some 32 sites for use as MAS (Multiple Address Systems) radio masters and constructed the most efficient communication network known in the industry at the time.

We provide low cost, efficient systems that can service both Intranet and Internet users. We support multiple protocols with varying vendors on a common communications network.