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Advanced RTU Controls via Satellite


ExtraNETcc™ is an intelligent device with 5 channels of I/O that can be configured for analog input or discrete output.

ExtraNETcc™ operates as a full duplex communications controller designed to provide seamless communications via satellite.  It operates in very much the same way as a traditional cellular modem, with the distinct advantage of being able to operate anywhere, with low power, and with a quick installation. 

Advanced WEB Based Well Controls via Satellite


MeterStar™ is a combination of Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM), Satellite, and Internet technologies specifically designed to provide natural gas measurement information from hard to reach remote facilities economically. MeterStar™ is a fully self contained interface that obtains a flow, daily, Periodic, snap shot, orifice and other reports from an EFM.

It then transmits this information via satellite to a data center where the information can either be made available through a very powerful and easy to use WEB interface, or it can be sent via e-mail to your data center for internal uses.